Camera Dimensions

Canon PowerShot N – A Nice Compact Concept

This camera was presented this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This camera is nice and bring a new concept into ultra-compact cameras. Beside the fact that it is small…

My Canon ESO 600D - T3i

DSLR Cameras for Beginners – Entry Level

I’m an amator photographer for over 7 years, i had varoiuse point and shoot and bridge cameras during that time, only recently i got an entry level DSLR and i…

How many squares can you find?

How many squares can you find?

If you pay attention it’s not so hard. You just have to count the squares in a logic order. We start with the smallest and go up to the bigger…

Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D becomes reality

In an interviw at the CP+ show Masaya Maeda (Managing Director and Chief Executive, Image Communication Products Operations at Canon) said that there will be a canon 70D in future….

Bionic eye

Bionic eye – Imagination becomes reality

Navigating across the web i found this: As you can see the man in the video has some kind of a bionic eye, which is used as a video camera,…


CMOS vs CCD sensor

Basically both sensors offer great quality, mostly the sensors you find on today’s cameras. A CMOS sensor is designed to work for black and white, that’s why in some cameras…

SEO in 2013

Where will SEO go on 2013?

Google has clearly pointed out that web spam has to disappear. Almost all the techniques used before to optimize a website turned out now to be against the terms of…