Is the 3D thing out againe?

It looks that 3D Devices have once again started to be forgotten. There was a time in the 80’s where 3D was the big thing. 30 Years latter it worked again, and wow, it is 3D!!!. But as in the 80’s people are not really impressed so this marketing campaign is hitting the end of the road.


What about resolution?

Sure!!! That’s it.  About five years ago the HD mania was everywhere, but i have to admin that this is at least a thing that helped. Getting cameras to film in HD at acceptable prices really helped in increasing the quality of content delivered by many internet websites. But wait, I’m not done, it will continue, because 4K was unleashed. Yeah, the term is right, it’s not a big thing, you take 4 HD screens, put them together and voila, you have 4K.

It’s true, to get it on a screen it takes more effort, but cameras? They had sensors large enough to do this, the only problem here was the processing power as the format is much larger but now the market is starting to get full of this stuff and also storage card than can offer speed.

Are you happy with this tech updates? Leave me your comment, and as always, Stay Smart ;).