Challenging myself to learn French

Since there are almost two years since I started the French course on Duolingo i want to find a way to finish it. So here is the idea, every few months i will put out a Challenge for the next few months and after that i will come and write how it went, it it’s possible or not or how much i will need to accomplish it.

The Duolingo course i’m into is let’s say somewhere in the middle, so i will try in the fallowing two months to finish it. This is my current state:

  • French – Level 10
  • Next level: 299 XP
  • Total XP: 2701 XP

If somebody wants to join this feel free. Deadline is 31 December 2015.

Update 1 – 18 October: At the moment i have 225 Lessons left, so wish me luck ­čśÇ

Update 2 – 8 November:┬áThere are 53 left and i’m at 193┬áLessons left. It seems to be pretty hard to do all these stuff between work and all the other stuff. But i’m still not giving up ­čÖé

Update 3 –┬á15┬áNovember:┬áIt looks good, there are only 45 Days left, but also only 120 lessons, i thing i’m on a good road. I have now level 12 with┬á4273 XP

Update 4┬á–┬á21┬áNovember: 39 days lest, and only 42 lessons to go. I feel like i finally got the right track of learning things with Duolingo.┬á5108 XP and level 13 i have currently.

Update 5: 9 December: It’s done

I taught it will take longer, but apparently using an organized meaner to approach the entire skill tree of Duolingo and course the ambition to finish suprpirzed even me. So for those interested how it looks like…. ta daaa:

Screenshot from 2015-11-27 19:08:18

It is a good feeling to finish something left over hanging so much time. I hope to encourage also others that learn french. So until next time, “restes intelligent” ­čÖé